How To Care For Your Jewellery

Looking after your handmade jewellery is key to its longevity. Both Silver and 9ct Gold will tarnish over time and will occasionally be in the need of a spruce up.

Our polish cloths have cleaner within them to bring your gold and silver jewels back to their original shine. They work on both our sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery. Gently rub your jewellery with the cloth to remove signs of light tarnishing. These cannot be used on jewellery with a matte finish though - please send these ones back to us and we will clean them up for you.

Other ways to take care of your jewellery:

> Handle with care - especially delicate pieces to make sure they don't get scratched or tangled during cleaning.

> Don't use chemicals - household cleaners can contain chemicals that can cause damage to any stones and discolouration to metal. Don't use these to clean your jewellery at home.

Use specialist jewellery cleaner - it's best to use a specialist jewellery cleaner that's suitable for precious metals rather than household metals. This can gently be rubbed into your pieces to remove any tarnish.

Don't scrub - if you scrub your jewellery too hard it can cause excessive wear and tear - treat gently while cleaning.

Dry with a soft cloth - wipe your polish jewellery dry and buff it to a polished finish using a soft non-abrasive cloth.

To make sure your jewellery lasts you can take care of it at home by:

> Storing in a jewellery box - or an airtight container when not in use to keep it safe.

Padded pouches - store each piece separately in padded pouches to stop them getting tangled or scratched.

Avoid extreme temperatures - direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity can all cause discolouration and increase tarnishing.

Remove before showering - contact with water or chlorine can damage your jewellery so always remove before showering or swimming.

Allow skin products to dry - perfumes, lotions and creams should be applied and allowed to dry before putting your jewellery on as moisture can cause discolouration and tarnishing.

> Remove before exercising - to avoid damage, sweat or entanglement.

Avoid household cleaners - remove your jewellery before cleaning at home as bleach and other chemicals can react unfavourably with precious metals.


If you take good care of your jewellery it will last you a life time and then some, but remember silver and gold can always be melted down and reformed into another piece of jewellery!

We will always repair any damage that may occur to your jewellery free of charge however long you've had your piece of jewellery - this includes a deep clean too. Just get in contact with us via our contact us page if you would like us to give your jewels some TLC.


Cleaning Cloth