Take Care

Metals will naturally tarnish over time but the beauty of silver and gold is that they can always be restored to their original shine.

To prevent tarnishing and keep them sparkling for longer we recommend taking good care of your jewels by storing them in the box they came in, taking them off whilst showering and exercising and keeping them away from perfumes and lotions.

Polish Up

To remove light tarnish gently clean with warm soapy water and a sponge or for slightly heavier tarnishing use a metal appropriate polishing cloth impregnated with jewellery cleaner. You can purchase one here.

Take good care of your jewellery and it will last you a life time and then some and remember silver and gold can always be melted down and reformed into another piece of jewellery!

Repair & Rewear

As part of our commitment to sustainable shopping we will always repair any damage that may occur free of charge however long you've had your piece of jewellery.  This includes a deep clean too. If a polish cloth just isn't cutting it then we will happily give your jewels some TLC and get them looking super shiny again! Please get in contact via our contact page if you need some help.