What Is Zero Waste Jewellery?

Due to the sheer number of jewellery companies and fast fashion there are many environmental concerns regarding the jewellery industry. Jewellery fashions can be short-lived which means that many pieces only get worn a couple of times and then end up in landfill, not to mention child labour, dangerous chemicals, conflict and other issues associated with mining.

At Studio Adorn all our pieces are used from recycled metals - specifically eco sterling silver and 9ct gold. Precious metals can be recycled quite easily by melting and reforming into a new piece of jewellery - they don't lost their qualities! This is great from both an environmental and financial point of view. Recycled jewellery is better for the environment because it doesn't require mining and isn't associated with environmental damaging. We use recycled metals from jewellery, electrical goods and many other things.

We also focus on making quality and timeless pieces that will last you a life time, instead of fast fashion pieces that might go out of style within a matter of months.

So what is zero waste jewellery? Zero waste jewellery is jewellery made from pieces of scrap metal which is melted down and formed into new wearable pieces of jewellery.

Our Zero Waste Collection uses our (already recycled) scraps of silver and gold to create new pieces of sustainable jewellery, which makes our process even more environmentally friendly. As we hand-make all our jewellery in our studio in Norwich, we often have off cuts and scraps from our jewellery making process. We have create a range of zero waste necklaces, rings and earrings in both Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold.

One of our best zero waste sellers are our Zero Waste Molten Studs which come in three different sizes. They are made using scraps of our eco silver and can be worn alone or work really well in additional lobe piercings. Available in mini, small and medium. 

Zero Waste Molten Stud Earrings

Our Zero Waste Pebble Necklaces are also popular and can even be stamped with an initial! Many also buy additional pebbles to add to their chain to create bespoke and personalised necklaces.

Zero Waste Pebble Necklace